A Continental Option

Our Director of Global Expansion, Fernando Chacón, has been invited to attend the first annual African Business: Health Forum which will take place on Tuesday, the 12th February 2019, at the new Hyatt Regency Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The forum will have the participation of major health promoters in Africa, including high-level officials from all over the continent, CEOs and philanthropists. The forum will also introduce the African Business Coalition for Health (ABCHealth), a novel continent-wide movement “to help stimulate a new approach to healthcare provision”.

The forum aims to promote dialogue and strengthen partnerships with global organizations to help solve the challenges presented by the continent in the long term, the main objective being to make a real impact by increasing the quality of life and bringing down the inequities of all Africans. has been invited for being a benchmark in health. They have a clear mission and vision that is compatible with the forum’s ideals, as well as the needs of the continent. Thanks to the support of other large organizations such as the Economic Commission for Africa and GBC Health, amongst many others, the forum is also presented as a relationships and conversations platform: a way of finding opportunities that benefit all.

Fernando Chacón, Director of Global Expansion at, said that in an event of such magnitude the doors of the company will certainly open, since it is crucial to “generate credibility and global reliability” through strategic events in the field of health. In the meantime, will continue to expand even further.

Doc Health: opening new horizons, breaking down the barriers of inequality.