Professor Nathan Kahara will promote in Africa.

Professor Nathan Kahara, Ambassador for Peace, has joined forces with in order to promote our free services with public and private parties of Africa.

Our CEO, Charles Nader, and our Global Expansion Director, Fernando Chacón, have met with Professor Kahara to form a business plan that will take services into Kenya, one of the many African countries that lacks medical resources and capabilities. The Kenyan government operates 41% of health facilities, NGOs run 15% and the private sector operates 43%. This represents a great opportunity for to help more people and begin its expansion in Africa.

Professor Kahara is a preacher of peace and unity. He has dedicated his whole life to promoting peace between countries and religious societies, while providing all the help he can get for people in need.

He was the President of the Kenya Red Cross Society; chairman and board member of organizations such as Child Welfare Society, Youth Hostels and Kenyatta National Referral Hospital Board.

Nowadays, Professor Kahara is the President of the Golden Rule International (GRI), and organization that speaks of unity, diversity, peace and harmony among all religious organizations. The GRI’s motto is a fundamental moral principle: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

He is the founder of “Dr. Kahara Foundation for Children and Senior Citizens”. Their purpose is to protect and support two of the most vulnerable groups after suffering from wars and internal fights. This organization had built shelters in several cities all over Africa.

He is also the founder President of PEACE MAKERS INTERNATIONAL (PMI), which promotes leaders that instill peace and forgiveness in families, governments and other organizations. He also was President of Former Mayors International, due to his experience as former Mayor of Nairobi City. This organization focuses on the welfare of former mayors around the world and offers guidance and support to serving mayors and governors. One of the partners of PMI is “Mayor for Peace”.

In, we are excited to have Professor Kahara as one of our many supporters and promoters. With his help, will be able to bring its free medical and psychological assistances to more countries that need them. Together we will help millions of people all around the world.