Medical Token Currency: One year later

Medical institutions are overwhelmed by worldwide problems such as overpopulation and limited access to basic health services. Millions of people must travel long distances or wait in line for hours in order to get a medical assistance. To solve these problems, Charles Nader came up with the idea of using current technology and the advantages of the cryptoeconomy for the benefit of the medical industry and humanity itself.

A year ago, the founders of launched the first Mexican cryptocurrency focused on health services: Medical Token Currency (MTC). This cryptocurrency will be synonymous of global healthcare thanks to the services it provides.

Nader learned about the technology that cryptocurrencies use for information storage and digital transactions and brought it to the healthcare industry. In order to help as many people as possible, Nader and his team developed free basic medical and psychological services through two mobile apps: docHealth and docEmotions, all supported by the cryptoeconomy.

Thanks to this technology, Nader’s telemedicine and telepsychology services have already impacted more than 200,000 lives throughout Latin America to this day, which gives an intrinsic value to the cryptocurrency of the company. is consolidating itself as one of the largest healthcare companies in the world. The company relies on technology related to cryptoeconomy to achieve one of its most ambitious goals: create a medical Blockchain that is used for research and development in the field of medicine.

What was born as an idea to support the medical community, soon became a network of medical and psychological services backed up by the best technology available in the world.

Nader’s passion for helping everyone in need has built the foundation to make the benchmark for healthcare worldwide. The progress of the company has attracted the attention of investors from all over the world, organizations such as the European Union and the African Union, as well as the UN. is the only company that uses Blockchain technology for medical education and the benefit of humanity. In this way, MTC will have an intrinsic value that no other cryptocurrency has.


At first, Charles Nader sought to solve one of the most recurrent problems of the medical community: the storage of medical records and files. In 2012, Nader created the social network called “Doctor Dice,” which was focused on connecting the medical community throughout Latin America in order to share relevant information on health issues and digitally store the medical records of their patients.

Through this network, every doctor in Latin America could upload all the information related to healthcare to a digital cloud; furthermore, they also had the option of publicly sharing medical information that they would consider relevant, without affecting the privacy of the patients.

“Doctor Dice” grew and new technologies were required to make the project evolve. Nader learned about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology while surfing on the net. Interested in these new ideas, Nader enrolled in the ” Massive Open Online Course ” of the University of Nicosia.

Nader is part of the first generation focused on cryptocurrencies, given by Andreas M. Antanopoulos, an expert on the subject and author of books like The Internet of Money & Mastering Bitcoin.

Nader understood the potential benefits of this technology in the future of his company and began what would be a revolution in the medical industry. With new objectives in mind, Nader insisted on using this technology for the benefit of humanity.

Docademic: a service for all

The new ideas of Nader transformed “Doctor Dice” into Docademic, a mobile app that provided free medical assistance through videocall with health professionals, which were available 24/7.

The new Docademic service came into action as a secondary idea; however, the response from the people was so great that Nader changed the trajectory of the company to one that would provide free basic medical services for everyone.

To support free medical assistances, Docademic launched a cryptocurrency called “Medical Token Coin” (MTC). This token could be used in the Docademic platform to buy products and services related to healthcare services.

The initial coin offering (ICO) began on March 6, 2018, in order to raise funds to begin a massive expansion around the world. Docademic reached its goal thanks to thousands of investors interested in the project.

The expansion process of Nader’s company created a new free service in July 2018: free psychological assistance by videocall. At the beginning, this service was called “Cool Emotions” and later became “docEmotions”. The service was a resounding success helping more than 80 thousand people in 6 months. began to collect the information obtained from the assistances and saving them as demographic information, which is the basis of what will be the blockchain of, named “Lifechain”: an anonymous medical and psychological database that will serve as the source of medical information for research and development of the medical industry, and the key to access this stored information is the MTC. With this, the value of each MTC will become independent and easy to access for everyone. This will improve the quality of healthcare worldwide.

Nader´s goal regarding the MTC is to give it an independent, intrinsic value from other cryptocurrencies, reaching mass adoption, in which every person has MTC to use for healthcare services no matter where they are on the planet.

Along with the worldwide expansion came a rebranding process, picking a name that was instantly recognizable all around the world and that could act as the basis for the company’s next services.

Nader bought the web domain “” on July 2018, a term that is used for doctors around the world. By using a simple name such as “doc ” the opportunities to be globally recognized grew, as well as facilitating the popularity of the now rebranded services: docHealth and docEmotions.

On September 2018, Docademic officially became and the medical revolution

With the new brand and a solid structure behind it, Nader began the global expansion by launching the free medical assistance service, docHealth, in the United States on November 2018.

The success and vision of Nader attracted the attention of many health institutions, laboratories, media and, of course, people in need of medical assistance. Through these services, Nader is introducing cryptoeconomy into everyday life with real and high-quality services, proving that the future of the world’s economy lies in cryptoeconomy.

One of the organizations interested in the services offered by is the United Nations Organization. Nader and his team have presented the vision and mission of the project to representatives of the UN and other global organizations interested in implementing this service as soon as possible in several countries all over Europe and Africa.

The services even reached low-income communities in Yucatan and Quintana Roo. brought the necessary technology to the people who needed it the most in some of the poorest communities in the world.

All this progress and action of a cryptoeconomy in the real world captured the attention of important media focused on economy and cryptoeconomy such as Forbes magazine and “New to the street ” show in the Fox Business broadcasting network. During some interviews, Nader said that the use of services is directly involved with the MTC, which means that the value of the cryptocurrency lies mainly in the people who use the mobile apps, improving not only the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency, but also helping the people who need it.


MTC is one year into the cryptocurrency market and, thanks to the support of a world-class company and the universal services it provides, it has the potential to become the first cryptocurrency to reach mass adoption: the dream of all investors.’s business model cares for the wellbeing of mankind by providing free healthcare and psychological services for everyone. This business model is supported by one of the safest and most advanced data storage technology in the world. Step by step, is becoming one of the greatest healthcare companies of all time, revolutionizing healthcare forever.