& Tracfone and Tracfone Wireless, Inc. have made a commitment that includes a marketing program for docHealth and docEmotions apps in the US. Tracfone is a prepaid mobile virtual network operator in the United States that has more than 23 million users across 44 states and a partnership with Walmart US.

This commitment will bring a new wave of marketing and awareness for services through Tracfone’s nationwide coverage; also, docHealth and docEmotions apps will be preinstalled on Tracfone’s devices, so their customers will become’s patients.

At this moment, and Tracfone are scheduling future meetings to put together the best marketing strategies so they can adapt to the needs and goals of both companies. Tracfone has one of the biggest telecommunications platforms in the US. By having’s services on their platform, Tracfone has become a company committed to help society. will keep moving forward and joining forces with more people and companies that want to help the world in every way possible.