is coming to Nascar! is bringing its free services to NASCAR Mexico by joining forces with Hugo Olivera, and professional driver Patrick Goeters. Goeters’ car will be branded with’s apps, docHealth and docEmotions. This will help create brand awareness within the NASCAR fans.

NASCAR has become one of the biggest hotspots to do business over the years. All kinds of companies are getting into NASCAR in order to promote their services. Just in 2018, NASCAR had 3.4 million video viewers, achieved over 900 thousand followers on social media and had more than 625 million impacts. Also, the 2018 season was followed on TV by 4.5 million people all over 17 Latin American countries and gained 40% more audience compared to 2017.

Businessmen from all over the world are interested in having their brands on a NASCAR racecar. Brands such as Hewlett Packard, Bimbo, Kellogg’s, Axtel and Madisa have participated in NASCAR. This provides big opportunities for’s team to find more people and companies interested in bringing free healthcare through the latest technology. will be traveling all over Mexico during the NASCAR 2019 season, promoting our free services and our cryptocurrency. Some of our partners have shown interest by joining forces with; regarding social marketing, for example, we reached a support agreement for brand recognition, downloads and digital strategies for companies in the immediate future.

The Council of Communication A.C. took the opportunity to participate with The campaign to prevent addictions in young children is complemented with’s health message. The council will also have its brand in NASCAR in all upcoming races.

Also, is joining forces with Thinking Social, winner of the “Most Influential Agency in Digital Marketing 2018” award. Their contribution will bring even more users to our platforms while raising awareness on healthcare.

The marketing team of, together with the team of Hugo Olivera and Patrick Goeters, will perform BTL activations, brand awareness and strategic alliances at the racing sites.

NASCAR has become the marker for business and entertainment where the reach of a marketing campaign can achieve new bigger goals. will meet new business people that will help us in our mission to bring more people into using our free services and joining the global crypto economy.