Forbes Forum 2019, “FIXING HEALTH”, by

Our CEO, Charles Nader, will be a speaker at Forbes Health Forum 2019: Fixing Health. He will introduce and its services to the private and public sectors in a conference called “The information that saves lives”, which will take place on Tuesday, June 18 at the Westin Santa Fe, Mexico City.

There will be very important and influential business personalities, promoters of healthcare in Mexico, solution designers and health specialists that will plan new strategies together in order to solve the problems with the Mexican medical industry.

The forum aims to promote dialogue and strengthen partnerships with organizations, capitals, and new proposals in order to help solve the health challenges that Mexico faces. The main objective is to promote and increase the quality of life, demolishing inequalities, obstacles, and even promote the use of new technologies to achieve these goals., both as a sponsor of the event and a spearhead of medical technology in the Americas, has captured the interest of the major media such as Forbes. The magazine is the best reference for news and characters in the world of business and entrepreneurs, people with the ability and integrity to mold the world, which makes it the most historically important magazine in the present.

Forbes, a magazine of investors for investors, has seen in the development of a valuable bet, the cooperation of both entities has opened doors to international levels and world-class organizations like the United Nations. is a benchmark for health. The forum aims to present and resolve the problems and challenges of the country. The forum is also a platform for relationships and conversations, a way to find opportunities for the benefit of all.