The information that saves lives, improving the access to healthcare services, participated in Forbes Health Forum 2019: Fixing Health. Charles Nader, CEO of, and Fernando Chacón, Director of Global Expansion, presented their revolutionary project to thousands of investors, entrepreneurs and government representants.

Nader, during his conference titled “Information that saves lives”, talked about the history of epidemiology, where he gave as an example the severity of cholera in the 19th century as well as the relevance of the work of Jon Snow, who with the help of the collection of information, door to door, could find the source of the disease. After this, he was able to make a comparison with the world of the XXI Century: it is important to trace the origins of pandemic risks, to track down the region in which a biological menace can be presented. With real time information, we can prevent and control hazardous situations. The Doc Health app, developed by, is one of the most powerful tools to prevent pandemic risks thanks to the use of Blockchain technology and the storage of real time medical data. team also talked about the new technology-based business models and the challenges they face. During the round table titled “The New players”, Fernando Chacón, invited the audience to learn more about and how its business is helping people by using the latest technology available. Along with other entrepreneurs, Chacón showed the company’s objectives, development, challenges and the technology behind it. They concluded that having the proper information is key to make the healthcare industry grow.

They also discussed about how the business of technology related to healthcare is still new to most of the countries in the world. All the people that assisted to the Forum was looking to improve healthcare, yet there are uncharted areas that represents new business opportunities for companies like

Nader and Chacón speeches attracted the attention of both public and private sectors. They talked to businessmen, health association representatives, government officials and many other people that were interested in and its business.