The Wall Street Conference 2019 Singapore: Digital Currency Symposium

Lyons Capital LLC, the organizer of the Wall Street Conference in the USA, together with, the World’s First Fully Insured Hybrid Crypto Platform have prepared one of the biggest private investor events in Singapore from July 2nd to July 4th, where investors will engage local tech innovation industry leaders and investors.

The symposium will bring together capital and investors in digital currency companies from America, Europe, Australia and Asia. This event will take place in Marina Bay Sands Singapore and is intended primarily for institutional investors, family offices, fund managers, venture capitalists and selected digital startups from the most promising emerging technology sectors.

The objective of the symposium is to have companies, entrepreneurs and startups sharing goals and ideas with potential investors. will explain our business model and demonstrate the many opportunities our model represents for new investors.

The Digital Currency Symposium will be an opportunity for to show the benefits of its cryptocurrency and the technology behind it in the future development of the global medical industry. Our US CEO Chris Parker, will talk about the great progress that the company has made in the last year in order to invite more investors into

The extensive agenda of the Digital Currency Symposium includes Elevator pitches by 15 innovative digital companies with high growth potential who are looking for 2nd round capital from the following sectors: Fintech & payment, Healthcare tech, Blockchain & Tokenized assets, Infotech, Gaming + Blockchain, STO (Security tokens), Green Energy Tech, Blockchain mining, AI, IoT and Big data.

By participating in events like the Wall Street Conference 2019, can become one of the largest healthcare companies involved in crypto economy. Thanks to our investors, we have been able to launch our services in several countries and now have the chance to bring more investors into our mission and help more and more people all around the world.