Doc Insights Update

  1. We will start the build of our Doc Insights technical infrastructure which mainly consists of a Data Lake, a non serialized data layer, which will be fed by Extract Load Transfer processes from internal resources, like our workflow engine and EHRserver as well as future external data streams. These external data streams could contain environmental information like air quality data from hackair for example.
  2. Second main part is the provision of an Information Portal, which enables our customers to interact and explore our data in various ways, starting from the fundamentals like reports, OLAP and dashboards to the more advanced like Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
    Needless to add that these capabilities will not only be available for our customers but also for itself in order to drive a continuous data science driven improvement process.

To sum up, Doc Insights interacts transactionally with the Lifechain. It is the backend Big Data marketplace portal wherein data clients develop their data packages and conduct data commerce with Doc. It is also the means by which fiat purchases of the crypto take place as each client manages their MTC balance through the portal. From the portal the data translations will load onto the Lifechain through smart contacts.

Doc Insights is an absolutely vital tech component underpinning the crypto ecosystem. Healthcare technology is extremely delicate. We are updating and optimizing our systems to improve our service.