Crypto ATMs

Grupo Vallas and are finalising the details of a partnership to launch a major crypto adoption campaign, that will establish strategic points of sale in 2,000 locations across Europe and Latin America.

This hugely significant campaign gives significant reach and depth in multiple continents. First steps include building a network of Crypto ATMs: all MTC holders will be able to cash out or exchange coin through these access points. The ATM launch will be supported by a substantial advertising campaign.

Additional features of the new ATMs will include free point of access to telemedicine services. This creates a direct and tangible link between’s health mission, its services for the crypto world and the goal of encouraging mass adoption of MTC.

The new rollout will bring Health and Financial management options at the touch of a button for everyone.

A key aspect of this access strategy is overcoming the existing technical barriers that currently tend to inhibit mass adoption. Through this innovative partnership, offers the global crypto community a fundamentally straightforward tool for adopting crypto currency in daily life, widening the pool of users.

Grupo Vallas will be launching a public invitation campaign, encouraging society at large to explore the crypto revolution. It will provide education about the value and utility of MTC, emphasising that it is backed by real and growing products and services. Grupo Vallas will demonstrate why crypto markets are a vital and viable investment category and will point to as the pre-eminent example.

Negotiations are underway with other categories of partner who wish to join with Grupo Vallas and these include retail stores, gas stations, and other strategic locations and venues.

Grupo Vallas is an advertising agency with 20+ years of experience, present in 65 cities throughout the Americas and Europe, bringing reach and power to this exciting new development.