partnerships with “Consejo de la Comunicación” and the Council of Communication continue the campaign “No Está Chido” focused on zero tolerance of tobacco and alcohol in minors. Alcohol and tobacco, like any other addiction, are destructive behaviors, leading to long-term problems, regardless of age. Minors are a sensitive group, most addictions develop in ages from 10 to 21 years, often due to situations of poverty and many others are derived from depression.

The campaign in its first stage, made a series of visits to public schools in Mexico, seeking to raise awareness among young people about the repercussions on consumption, not only health issues but economic and emotional as well. Doc Emotions joined the campaign for the social commitment on which it is based, visiting middle schools across Mexico City.

Just a few days ago the campaign began its second stage, positioning stands of the Communication Council in the main urban centers throughout the Mexican territory. This stage aims passers-by to convene with games and promotions at strategic points, where the promoters offer awareness talks to parents and young people.

12% of users who call Doc Emotions professionals have an age that is crucial for the prevention of addictions, these age ranges are were the first harmful habits are created, often neglected or simply ignored.

Doc Emotions is an essential part of this campaign; promoters offer detailed information about the company’s application and mission,, as a real and immediate option to help parents and children in any situation. In the stands of the Communication Council, the promoters of Doc Emotions do not give “just a talk”: they provide integral solutions for the prevention of addictions, or if there are any, a follow-up to correct harmful behaviors. is positioned as a tangible solution to users; A health professional will always be ready to handle any type of situation. The team of Doc Emotions set the advantages of the service; for many users, it seems to be a mere advertising promise, but thanks to these campaigns, any skepticism vanishes immediately. The campaign is designed to be a Face 2 Face positioning, starting in the capital of Mexico, will continue throughout the country. The collaboration with the Communication Council will be able to promote the same model in other major cities in Latin America.

The campaign not only responds a social responsibility, but it’s also a strong brand positioning strategy. Together, the Communication Council and Doc Emotions are looking for ways to increase the number of downloads, users and, of course, trust in the company. The awareness of services as a reliable healthcare center is one of the secondary objectives that have been achieved since the first stage of this initiative.

The Communication Council brings together more than 1500 associations, companies, and organizations in Mexico and throughout the Americas. It is a private non-profit initiative, self-defined for its values ​​and its actions as a center of social participation.

The Council is a hub for promoting campaigns for commercial and social development, with which is expected alliances created between union members of the Council of Communication. Doc Emotions is attracting attention among private companies, with an exponential reach.

The guidelines that are managed in this private initiative are defined by primary values: generating campaigns of national (Mexican) interest & positively influencing their society. To this end, the Council uses the highest quality standards, backed by ISO 9000 certification in all its campaigns.

The involvement with the Council of Communication and private companies create a sense of confidence to investors and users with a real possibility of expanding brand recognition and future partnerships. No member of the Council or participant in their campaigns is exempt from complying with the strict guidelines. Therefore, being invited is a vote of confidence and a guarantee among the business world of being a company with high-quality standards.

Doc Emotions will continue as a company with a firm social commitment, the team will resume its campaign visiting schools once the summer break ends; the second stage of the campaign “No Está Chido” in major cities will continue until the end of the year, seeking to impact the lives of people, always with the help of a Doc.