Spain issues international health alert over listeriosis outbreak in Seville.

The Spanish Ministry of Health has issued an international alert after a 90-year-old woman died of a Listeria infection. More than 523 patients are under medical observation after they had developed symptoms of the infection.

The decision to issue the international alert was made from the over 80 million tourists who visit the Iberian country every year. Confirmed cases of this infection occurred in the region of Andalusia, where epidemiological reports indicate that the origin came from a pork processing plant.

Listeria is an aggressive bacterium, found in unpasteurized dairy products. It can be found in certain types of cheeses and some creams. The first case of death from the infection in Spain was reported on August 15th. So far, more than 114 people remain hospitalized, 23 of them, pregnant women.

In recent months, six people have been killed in a Listeria outbreak in the UK, after eating contaminated hospital food. Authorities from Spain and the UK are investigating the failure to follow the established procedures. The EU authorities and the World Health Organization are discussing the best ways to prevent even more deaths.