This week in Doc

•  A new Medical Director: Dr. Itzel Ocampo.

Gastrointestinal Surgeon, Specially trained in laparoscopic surgery; Chief of Surgery Department and currently working with as Medical Director.

•  Our Psychological Supervisor, Angel Juárez was interviewed by

Angel Juárez was asked to be in a new report by as a specialist, analyzing how Cartels spread fear among the Mexican population. Doc’s psychologists are on referral to provide scientific opinions as leading experts in Mexico.

•  Charles was interviewed by Cigars & Crypto – it will be aired in three weeks.

Charles tells the story of the project, the founders, our goals and milestones. Stay tuned.

•  Chris Parker, our Sales Director, visited Guadalajara for a business meeting.

They are exploring new clients, especially Farmacias Guadalajara, one of the largest drugstore chains in Mexico.

•  Doc’s Board of Directors flew to Panamá to meet the Head Secretary of the Ministry of Health.

We are resuming talks and planning a strategy in case of a partnership with the government. This may result in a complete project to help isolated citizens in rural and indigenous zones.

•  Our Dev Team was present at the AWS Summit in Mexico City.

Our team had technical learning opportunities – from introductions, to deep analytics in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Serverless, Computing, Databases, Security & Compliance.

•  We published new community rules in our official channels.