partnerships with Grupo Hidrosina

A new partnership between Hidrosina and featuring behavioral health services. 

We proudly announce this alliance in favor of fulfilling the Official Mexican Law, Nom-035. NOM-035 (Norma Oficial Mexicana) is a new Mexican law that seeks to prevent job-related psychosocial risks that may harm employees’ physical, social and mental health. Hidrosina is the first Mexican company to comply with this law and is doing so in conjunction with Thanks to the service offered by Doc Emotions, employees will receive unlimited psychological therapies. We will help patients manage chronic conditions from the comfort of their office or home, keeping them out of the emergency room, and making sure that if they need specific care, we can route them to the right place.  The following priority areas for this partnership are: using telehealth and telepsychology to increase accessibility, quality, and promptness of services, for the people of Hidrosina.

This new partnership between and Hidrosina features an innovative approach to primary care through telemedicine and telepsychology in Mexico. The partnership has transformative potential, Hidrosina is the most important Fuel Group in Mexico, founded in 1992, where they began operating with 30 stations in Mexico City. Later they created the concept of mini stations throughout the interior of the country. Currently, they have more than 200 service stations, built and equipped with sophisticated technology. Together and Hidrosina group aim to provide satisfaction to our customers, with a quality service. 

The partnership is to provide ongoing primary care, where a user engages with a physician over an extended period of time. With our Cognitive behavioral therapy and Doc Emotions protocols, we can assist in a crisis within 15 minutes. Our professionals are trained to the highest standards and committed to the well-being of all patients. We are part of the solution to the broken healthcare system.’s mission is to provide this service to people at no out of pocket cost. Sadly, it is impractical for people to be able to afford, or to go in person, each time they need to see a psychologist. We aim to stop the inequality and to help people who are in need of this expensive, but necessary service. Employees will see their virtual primary care physicians in real-time, they will also be able to see their license. features video telemedicine and telepsychology visits, available on mobile devices. The telehealth service provider’s physicians are employed by the company.

NOM 035.

The NOM 035 aims to establish the elements to identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors. It links psychosocial risks, to situations that affect the health and welfare of employees. This can then be translated into anxiety, depression, absenteeism, chronic diseases, and insomnia. One of the most significant benefits is to promote a favorable organizational environment in the workplace, where both parties will benefit. 

A clear example of what is currently happening in the workplace is Burnout Syndrome. This is a recently identified emotional disorder, which is directly linked to the workplace. Daily stresses in the workplace can negatively impact an employee’s lifestyle. Burnout syndrome can have very serious consequences, both physically and psychologically. The most common symptoms are depression and anxiety, which are the main reasons for the vast majority of work losses. Burnout Syndrome affects both the employee and the employer. will assist in changing the work environment, therefore creating a positive workplace for everyone!