Social Impact

Charles Nader, CEO of, was invited by Philip VI, King of Spain, to discuss’s model and the social impact that could benefit people around the world. The objectives and mission of are very clear, the meeting was held on these principles, helping people and continuing to save lives., a significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge. Creating social impact will be the result of a deliberate set of services that has combined with a goal matching with our own definition, saving lives. aims to provide health in an easy, fast and free way for the general population, favoring the implementation of preventive and corrective measures in the health sector implies a great change in access to Health as it is currently known; making first-level contact with the patient more efficient, reducing the number of consultations and waiting times that they currently provide in this sector.

Using our platform and having real-time data through technological innovation allows us to adapt the needs of each particular organization, giving them the ability to detect, treat and respond adequately and quickly to the emerging diseases of each population, as well as collecting functional and epidemiologically relevant medical information for government organizations and medical studies, which allows us to know in depth the health situation that our communities are going through.

The power of technology in mental health and therefore in the welfare of the world is undeniable. An individual can change, modifying relations with the immediate environment, can learn new ways of relating, controlling their emotions, can learn better ways of communicating, expressing their emotions and creating spaces and relationships of well-being and all the above with us, but at the same time those others who are our family, our partners, our friends, even our co-workers, all benefit with the society around us.

We will continue to convey the message that it is possible to have a world where we can all have access to health, a doctor or a psychologist 24 hours a day, in we will literally change society and by changing society, we change the world, because by taking care of ourselves, we also take care of the entire world.