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In recent years there has been a growing need to involve technology into the health field, a technology commonly known as e-health. An EHR (Electronic Health Record) provides a patient with a unique clinical record, which can be accessed by any doctor regardless of the hospital they attend. For the patient this means they do not have to answer the same questions each time they attend a different medical visit. For the hospital it means that time and resources can be better spent attending to medical care. The process of filling out the clinical files is easy and only required to be done once.

A foundation known as the openEHR foundation has been developed specifically for e-health. There are very important reasons why the openEHR foundation was created, it is a technology consisting of specialized clinical modelling software, which is completely standardized worldwide. It can be used to create information, improve results and create solutions for health care.

This is done using the following 4 functions:

  • specification program which develops, manages and maintains the specifications designed in computerized expressions.
  • clinical modelling program which is made by health professionals and experts in eHealth, carrying out archetypes of international standards.
  • software which is responsible for the development and implementation of the aforementioned components, so that they can be used freely and generate their own tools and systems.
  • education program which is responsible for enabling and ensuring efficiency of use, allowed for systems in different languages, cultures and different health environments around the world.

At we are using archetypes and templates approved by the openEHR foundation. An archetype is a technological artefact that provides a place to define a data point or groups of data, which is replicable and encoded. Its content is designed, reviewed and subsequently published and authorized. A template is used to logically represent the use of a specific set of data, in a specific case. This is all being constructed by using archetypes. These tools are made by using a method known as AQL (Archetype Querying Language). 

It is very important that use archetypes and templates that have been approved by the openEHR foundation, ensuring a specific open standard in health technology. OpenEHR is a not-for-profit organisation, they support the research, development and e-health implementation throughout the world. This has been developed through 15 years of research by European and Australian clinicians. They are currently implemented through a methodology of archetypes in the UK by the NHS, the National e-Health Transition Authority of Australia and the Slovenian Ministry of Health, among many other countries around the world.

OpenEHR is supported by medically scientific terminology, which is provided by SNOMED (Systematized Nomenclature Of Medical Entities and Diseases) International. SNOMED is a not-for-profit organization that owns and maintains SNOMED CT. This terminology is a globally accepted language of health terms, currently used by health professionals, with the purpose of improving clinical records, decision making and analysis, improving the quality, consistency and safety of health. uses openEHR methodology to ensure we are offering and using the most complete semantic framework available in e-health to date. By using electronic clinical health records, currently utilized by organizations worldwide, it allows to combine formal clinical modelling, with infrastructure service, and globally accepted terminology, such as SNOMED CT. 

The infrastructure and methodology that we use at is implemented in Doc insights. The way we use our archetypes and templates ensures that the data we collect is scientifically relevant, grouped and sorted easily, and collected directly from the patient and our certified health staff. is once again at the forefront of health and technology data, utilizing a platform which has been tested and adopted throughout the world, a great step forward in the development of health technology solutions. The openEHR platform has the ability to provide scalable and adaptable solutions to improve health care globally. At we have applied this technology to ensure our company is leading the way, with the most relevant, standardized technology in the world.