About us

Doc.com was started with the mission to provide the world a new form of free basic healthcare that is sustainable and not dependent on the traditional healthcare systems in place in all parts of the world.

So far Doc.com has given healthcare services at no monetary cost to thousands of patients in over 20 countries improving their lives. This was achieved by creating an innovative business model to make “Free Basic Healthcare” available to anyone who has access to a computer or smartphone.

Charles Nader presented the new business model to his teachers at Stanford’s Blitzscaling program which included Ried Hoffman, the founder of Linkedin and Chris Yeh, the renowned business author and venture capitalist. After receiving positive feedback and Chris Yeh calling the telemedicine model a 10X product, the company raised funds to develop its blockchain data component and expand services to other countries outside of Mexico. This provided the company the ability to expand to over 20 countries in Latin America and increase its development to offer a more robust product offering, onboard more clients, as well as optimize and improve the company such as purchasing the name Doc.com and increasing its technological development and business into other sectors of the healthcare space. Doc.com expanded its services by adding home delivery of medication in Mexico and becoming a distributor for medications in Latin america. Charles Nader, CEO of Doc.com, was featured on the Cover of Forbes magazine twice representing Doc.com. The magazine referenced the company as a Latin American unicorn and has been mentioned in many other publications and media outlets.

About us

Today, Doc.com offers its “Free Basic Healthcare” services, as well as premium low cost services, in over one hundred languages in text format and in English and Spanish video telemedicine through Doc App, in more than 20 countries mostly in Latin America and the US with expansion plans to the rest of the world.

Clients include Insurance companies, Telecom, and others in various industries. Doc.com also became an official partner with vaccine providers during the pandemic to provide Covid medications to the world. Through these partnerships, with support of the governments. Doc.com is adding value to its product offerings to help people in need during the pandemic.

By understanding the reach of technologies that are revolutionizing the world we live in, Doc.com has combined technologies and invented a new business model that feeds proceeds from epidemiological analytics, a blockchain crypto-economy, telemedicine and pharmaceutical sales to provide more patients with free healthcare services. It essentially has developed a self sustainable system that not only functions as a scientific tool for the benefit of humanity, but also provides the needed relief to people in need all over the world with what we believe is the most important aspect of life… Health.

Because without health, be it mental health or physical health; Humanity can not achieve the best it can.

Free Basic Healthcare for all... A Human right… Doc delivers our version that keeps on improving and growing as time goes by with a bright path towards the future and results that can be measured. Lives positively impacted.