News partnerships with “Consejo de la Comunicación” and the Council of Communication continue the campaign “No Está Chido” focused on zero tolerance of tobacco and alcohol in minors. Alcohol and tobacco, like any other addiction, are destructive behaviors, leading to long-term problems, regardless of age. Minors are a sensitive group, most addictions develop in ages from 10 to 21 years, often due to situations […]

Crypto ATMs

Grupo Vallas and are finalising the details of a partnership to launch a major crypto adoption campaign, that will establish strategic points of sale in 2,000 locations across Europe and Latin America. This hugely significant campaign gives significant reach and depth in multiple continents. First steps include building a network of Crypto ATMs: […]

Doc Insights Update

We will start the build of our Doc Insights technical infrastructure which mainly consists of a Data Lake, a non serialized data layer, which will be fed by Extract Load Transfer processes from internal resources, like our workflow engine and EHRserver as well as future external data streams. These external data streams could contain environmental […]

IT Department of is growing Information Technology team is growing and acquiring all the knowledge needed to keep moving forward. The new members have great abilities and experience that will help achieve new and more ambitious goals. Some of the experience our new members have are: · Strong track record in building reliable and scalable infrastructure with AWS […]

“Lifesaving Data”

US CEO of Chris Parker will present our revolutionary service to potential investors from all over the world in Singapore at The Wall Street Conference 2019: Digital Currency Symposium. Chris will present the business model focusing on the capture of medical data.  He will also discuss the integration of the crypto economy within […]

The Wall Street Conference 2019 Singapore: Digital Currency Symposium

Lyons Capital LLC, the organizer of the Wall Street Conference in the USA, together with, the World’s First Fully Insured Hybrid Crypto Platform have prepared one of the biggest private investor events in Singapore from July 2nd to July 4th, where investors will engage local tech innovation industry leaders and investors. The symposium will […]

The information that saves lives, improving the access to healthcare services, participated in Forbes Health Forum 2019: Fixing Health. Charles Nader, CEO of, and Fernando Chacón, Director of Global Expansion, presented their revolutionary project to thousands of investors, entrepreneurs and government representants. Nader, during his conference titled “Information that saves lives”, talked about the history of epidemiology, where […]

Forbes Forum 2019, “FIXING HEALTH”, by

Our CEO, Charles Nader, will be a speaker at Forbes Health Forum 2019: Fixing Health. He will introduce and its services to the private and public sectors in a conference called “The information that saves lives”, which will take place on Tuesday, June 18 at the Westin Santa Fe, Mexico City. There will be […] in Enterprise UX day is improving in every way possible. The team went to Enterprise UX Day, an expo where professionals can learn and improve their digital products based on research and user experience design. Enterprise UX Day focus on solving problems inside the company by making every area of the company work together in order to […]

The United Nations and

The United Nations and are still working on providing free healthcare to the countries in Africa and Latin America. The meetings between our team and the UN have settled multiple objectives and ways to achieve them by working together. The United Nations and signed several agreements and letters of commitment in Kenya, which […]