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In recent years there has been a growing need to involve technology into the health field, a technology commonly known as e-health. An EHR (Electronic Health Record) provides a patient with a unique clinical record, which can be accessed by any doctor regardless of the hospital they attend. For the patient this means they do […]


Coronaviruses are an extensive family of viruses, some of which can be the cause of various human diseases, ranging from the common cold to SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) The consequences to public health are yet uncertain, we do not know the behavior of this new agent, it just begins with the description of the […]


Los coronavirus son una extensa familia de virus, algunos de los cuales puede ser causa de diversas enfermedades humanas, que van desde el resfriado común hasta el SARS (síndrome respiratorio agudo severo).  Las consecuencias a la salud pública aún son inciertas, no conocemos el comportamiento de este nuevo agente, apenas se inicia con la descripción […] Social Impact

Charles Nader, CEO of, was invited by Philip VI, King of Spain, to discuss’s model and the social impact that could benefit people around the world. The objectives and mission of are very clear, the meeting was held on these principles, helping people and continuing to save lives., a significant, positive […] partnerships with Grupo Hidrosina

A new partnership between Hidrosina and featuring behavioral health services.  We proudly announce this alliance in favor of fulfilling the Official Mexican Law, Nom-035. NOM-035 (Norma Oficial Mexicana) is a new Mexican law that seeks to prevent job-related psychosocial risks that may harm employees’ physical, social and mental health. Hidrosina is the first Mexican […] Public Crypto Economy Metrics

The evolution of to date has taught us many valuable lessons. Today’s launch reflects said lessons, acquired through our user’s feedback on their experience utilizing the free basic healthcare we are offering to the world.  There is a powerful element of pride that we have in our work that we believe is essential to […]

“ADN salud” INNOVACIÓN MÉDICA PARA TODOS. will participate in the First Forum of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in the Health Sector: DNA, organized by the municipal government of Naucalpan The event will take place on September 20 and 21, at the Exhibition, Fairs, and Events Center (CEFE) of Naucalli Park with an influx of 4,000 people. It is a project […]

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•  A new Medical Director: Dr. Itzel Ocampo. Gastrointestinal Surgeon, Specially trained in laparoscopic surgery; Chief of Surgery Department and currently working with as Medical Director. •  Our Psychological Supervisor, Angel Juárez was interviewed by Angel Juárez was asked to be in a new report by as a specialist, analyzing how Cartels […]

Spain issues international health alert over listeriosis outbreak in Seville.

The Spanish Ministry of Health has issued an international alert after a 90-year-old woman died of a Listeria infection. More than 523 patients are under medical observation after they had developed symptoms of the infection. The decision to issue the international alert was made from the over 80 million tourists who visit the Iberian country […] partnerships with “Consejo de la Comunicación” and the Council of Communication continue the campaign “No Está Chido” focused on zero tolerance of tobacco and alcohol in minors. Alcohol and tobacco, like any other addiction, are destructive behaviors, leading to long-term problems, regardless of age. Minors are a sensitive group, most addictions develop in ages from 10 to 21 years, often due to situations […]