Universalizing Access to Healthcare

Doc.com offers on-demand, medical and psychological care with the highest standards of quality and professionalism at no monetary cost to the User.

Unlike other telehealth companies, we have our physicians on staff and in-office, ready to take patient calls. We are the most efficient and cost-effective telehealth solution on the market. This allows us to offer unrivaled speed and simplicity to our users, while also rewarding patients for their medical data and offering an assortment of prescription drugs and over the counter products.

The company was created to solve an equity problem. Our goal is to impact many millions of lives through our services.

We’ve already helped save many lives and aided people in over 20 countries with Doc.com Free video Telemedicine services.

Doc.com’s unique model is disrupting the entire market and provide access to healthcare for millions. Stay tuned for updates.

US - Latam

24 / 7 / 365 Access to a Doctor or Counselor

Via Mobile App

On demand video call or chat


Average wait of less than 10 minutes

Doc.com utilizes Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology to provide best-in-class service for our patients. We are aggregating targeted epidemiological data to enable patient-first healthcare solutions like never before.

This anonymized statistical data will ultimately be made available to institutions around the world to advance medical research, and even support in future pandemics and health crises.

Doc.com is there, when people need it most.