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how to stop hair fall
How many weeks is the usually recovery time for a total knee replacement.
neck pain
Have a bad cough, stopped up ears and stopped up sinus.
Will I get reactions from both vaccines together
All over my body is weak and tired
Hello Doc, I have two toenails that are becoming slightly discolored and brittle. This has been going on for awhile, is…
i want to loose my weight
I've always have pain, have DDD, multiple surgeries. Neck x2 both wrists due to carpal tunnel, rotator cuff repair, bre…
Grandson is 12 turns 13 in September, he is 4’11 and weighs 85 lbs his frame is on the thin side we are discussing what…
My 45 year old son recently had a total hip replacement which left him pain free and now he is a limping cripple. No PT…
Can not stand for long time,my neck hurt all the time.
My son has Medicaid and he had a fall last week and fractured his T6---we need to find an orthopedic in Georgia that wi…
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