Public Crypto Economy Metrics

Public metrics

The evolution of to date has taught us many valuable lessons. Today’s launch reflects said lessons, acquired through our user’s feedback on their experience utilizing the free basic healthcare we are offering to the world.

There is a powerful element of pride that we have in our work that we believe is essential to the success of the mission, and we’re proud to announce that we are now displaying the metrics demonstrating that we are on the right path to achieve what we originally set out to do.

With the adoption of blockchain technology, we now have the ability to prove, with publicly verifiable metrics, that we are helping people by offering essential healthcare services through the Doc Health and Doc Emotions applications.

Simultaneously rewarding people for their healthcare data, with the amazing innovation of cryptocurrency technology, while providing a new, never before seen a layer of transparency within healthcare services.’s business model is unique in the world and first to market. We believe it will set an example for other companies to follow suit, to utilize blockchain technology and thereby increase transparency in other business sectors, and while providing increased trust of clients and consumers, governments and enterprises.

The displayed metrics:

1.- This first metric is the blockchain hash that represents each user in real-time, taking advantage of our complimentary health services. It also represents the quantity of MTC rewarded to the patient for their anonymized, statistical and epidemiologically relevant data.

This hash is produced once the assistance is finalized, signifying that the appropriate data has been compiled, and the patient has received a completed medical or psychological assistance.

2.- The second metric is the hash representing the transaction of MTC originating from international exchanges, to refill the treasury address ensuring we can continue to reward patients for their data. The hash is generated weekly and will alternate across MTC listed exchanges.

3.- The final metric displays the lives positively impacted through the use of our services. has now impacted over 250,000 lives with our free telemedicine and telepsychology services, all across Latin America, Spain and the state of Florida in the US. These are men, women, and children that are benefiting from free services provided by our doctors and psychologists, wherever they are.

Our users are also benefiting from an economic incentive for taking care of their own health through the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. The hash to the blockchain can be viewed publicly on popular Ethereum blockchain explorers and can be accessed directly from the homepage.

By providing these metrics, we offer a publicly verifiable, real-time proof of our crypto economy’s growth over time. All based upon the delivery of free healthcare services.

The public may now view the metrics and be certain people are being served in the more than 20 countries of the world where services are available and furthermore, observe the growth of the user base in real-time.

Introducing a functioning crypto economy intrinsically linked to services that benefit humanity.

The next stage of our development is focused on two main objectives, optimizing our services and building the Lifechain. Due to the long term gas costs of hashing data from the crypto economy to the Ethereum blockchain and the need for further functionality, we must build the Lifechain to reduce the costs, as well as provide a proof-of-authority model for nodes that store the healthcare data. We have always envisioned the Lifechain to provide a historical record of epidemiological data from the masses and act as a legacy for humanity that can be consulted in the future by generations to come.

There will be a seamless transition to the new blockchain that will not negatively affect the crypto economy. Our services are introducing many people to cryptocurrencies, many of whom have no prior exposure to cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology.

The importance of what we are creating is evident. We are providing free basic healthcare to the world by innovating with the use and understanding of blockchain technology, creating a new business model based on epidemiological data generated in real-time. If we can positively affect the trajectory of people’s lives through our healthcare services, we have achieved our mission.

We have already amassed hundreds of use cases and positive reviews on the app store and play store that we are very proud of. We have partnered up with various institutions to help increase users across the globe.

Thank you for your support, and joining us on this extraordinary journey.