In what countries are the doc.com apps available?
Doc Health and Doc Emotions are available in all of Latin America (except Brazil), Spain and the United States (Florida Only)
When are you making your service available in other regions?
2019 is going to be a very important year for us in terms of expansion. We will continue our expansion in other states of the US, UK, Eastern Africa, Asia and other.
How are you able to offer a free service?
Our business model is based on the data we collect from the thousands of consults we do every day. This data is stored on the doc.com blockchain and made available for third parties for research or analysis.
Are you sharing personal information?
Not at all. The data that is put up on our blockchain is anonymized data used for statistical analysis. If personal information needs to be shared, the user has to approve this with the use of their private key.
How can we know we are talking with real medical professionals?
Before answering the call from a doctor, you will be able to see their name, specialty and license number, this way you can make sure that you are speaking with a true licensed professional.
Why do you need Blockchain for doc.com?
The reason for incorporating Blockchain technology in doc.com is because we are working with healthcare data, which is something very sensitive and must be managed with a lot of transparency. By putting the information on our blockchain, we are making everything traceable and 100% transparent, this way we can ensure that there is no misuse of the data.
Besides the security aspect, Blockchain also gives us the opportunity to incorporate a crypto currency to the platform, allowing us to create a crypto-economy within our services and making the service completely free for the end user.