My right knee is swollen

Feb. 6, 2022

I’m a contractor and I worked yesterday and every went good. I never twisted my knee or jump off something and landed wrong or buckled it. About 5:00 this morning is started hurting and puffy right under the knee cap. Around 7:00 it’s more swollen and trended to the touch. I think I might have an infection cause it is warm to the touch. The reason I think I might have an infection is because I’m allergic to Gluten and I break out in a rash around my waste, butt, knees and elbows. The evening time and at night I itch so bad so I scratch and I scratch. So maybe that’s why. I have put ice on my knee and elevated my leg and have taken 4 Ibuprofens about 3-1/2 hours ago and it feels better and some and it is not as swollen.

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